It started with a girl.

Shaily grew up in India surrounded by very defined beauty norms. Where only fair people were considered beautiful while people with dark or dusky skin were looked down upon, treated as ugly and associated with lower classes. Shaily belonged to the second category of people only in terms of skin color. Family, friends and strangers alike would freely suggest different fairness creams and bleaches for her to apply on her face. To make her “beautiful.” They constantly made her feel that life would be much harder for her. She was told she would not be able to find the right partner or get a good job all because of the color of her skin.

But Shaily grew up to be a strong and confident woman who ran her own business before deciding to study further. She even married the man of her dreams. She empathized with the way millions of other girls in Asia felt and she decided to use her design and strategic skills to help these women fight the challenges they face in everyday life. That’s how 100%You was born. It is a movement inspiring Asian girls to love their ethnic features and celebrate their unique selves.

To view some of Shaily’s other projects, visit or contact her at


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